Fritzi’s Travel Blog

Hi and thanks for visiting my travel blog. I’m Fritz and I started traveling in earnest in 1991 with a trip to Egypt and the Sinai. After finishing my first degree in engineering I continued with a gap year to India and South East Asia in 1992/93. Afterwards, I went on regular 2-4 week backpacking holidays, worked in the UK and Canada, before returning to long term traveling in 2021. I flew to Mexico City in February 2021 and felt the true relief of getting out of the depressing situation in Montreal, Quebec.

In 2021, I spent 5 months in Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama. After a 4 month break in Berlin, I continued traveling in November 2021, this time starting from Panama and afterwards overland from Colombia to Brazil.

Travel Stories

My first blog story isn’t really on a travel, it’s about my time in Canada and motivated me to start this travel blog right now. My 2021/22 trip through South America was possible only because I had my laptop with me, so I could work and most importantly, produce a last tax declaration for Canada. Few people know this is the Land of Cold and Penalty. Because I lost so much valuable time, end even more money, read about Canada? Revenue Agency! Immigrants, Beware!